The First Post

на ава2

Hello, this up here is me!

I’m Ann Kornilova, a 17 years old Russian living in Rostov-on-Don.

I decided to put this up on the internet, because writing has always been easier for me than talking. Being an introvert, I want this to become a little space in which I can share anything related to my life, personal things that I usually leave out and deeper thoughts. What I really want for this blog is simply to be able to express myself fully and, I think, practising more my english skills 🙂

There won’t be a schedule, or a thread. This is my online diary, which means anytime I feel like writing about my experiences and ideas, a new post will pop up!

Hope you will have a good time taking a closer look at my life, and of course, if you ever feel like sharing anything with me, that would be lovely!

Virtual hugs, Anna.


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